Commercial Exteriors

About this project

The task of the architectural photographer is to capture in detail the visual presence of a structure, keeping in mind sharpness, color, balance/application of lighting, and composition. The photographer should create the conditions needed to most effectively capture the space as it was intended to appear–and the effect it was designed to have on its environment.

Time, Light, and Angle

Choosing the best time of day is a critical component in creating beautiful architectural photography. When does the light outside make a building look its best? Dusk and dawn are always great times for light. However one should also ask, “when does a given space come alive?” Great photography begins with understanding the building and its purpose. Creating great shots also has a great deal to do with angle. How does the building fit into its surroundings? Is a building best shot low and wide for dramatic effect? Or would shooting from a distance make it look better?

Professional Photos: A Blueprint for Growth

Making sure you have professional photos tells clients that you take yourself seriously–and so should they. We know that the way you grow is by doing good work and knowing the right people. Why not help out the right people by having photos of your work accessible to them? Professional photography really is the basic blueprint of a builder’s portfolio.

Skills:  Philosophy